Most Haunted Places In South Africa

Haunted South Africa

Since the beginning of time, people have been fascinated with the supernatural. Whether you believe in ghost stories and haunted houses or not, almost everyone has at least one story of some creepy incident which simply defies any logical explanation. So where exactly would the aspiring ghost buster go to find haunted places in South Africa? Proving a legitimate haunting may be hard as ghosts never seem to show up on cue. There are however, numerous sightings which happen each year, and we shall follow some of these tales in order to find some of the most haunted places in South Africa.

Castle of Good Hope:

To begin our tour of haunted places in South African, we visit the Castle Of Good Hope, South Africa’s oldest surviving colonial building and possibly one of the most haunted places in South Africa. Having served as both a prison and execution site, it is no wonder than numerous troubled spirits walk these halls. Tales tell of an unidentified two meter tall figure that walks the castle’s battlements. Spotted in 1915 and 1947, this semi-luminous spectre was seen over a period of weeks, and it is said that his footsteps can frequently be heard in this part of the castle.

Some believe that this is the same ghost who rings the castle’s bell form time to time, as a guard hung himself with the rope of the bell centuries ago. Along with this unknown ghost, there is also a big black hound which pounces on visitors, but vanishes at the last moment. Other spectres which make the Castle of Good Hope one of the most haunted places in South Africa include Governor Pieter Gysbert van Noodt, Lady Anne Barnard and a lady in grey who haunts both the castle and Tuynhuys.


Haunted Woods with the ghost of Lady Smith

Many Claim to have felt the presence of the ghost of Lady Smith

Grahmstown has been described as hauntingly beautiful, and this may very well be an extremely accurate description. Tales of ghosts run rampant here, and make sure that this magnificent city is a worthy addition to our list of most haunted places in South Africa.  Rhodes University is said to be home to a number of ghosts. A young boy and girl have been seen in the journalism department, and the Institute of Biodiversity is home to another spectre, probably a former resident of the cottages which used to occupy the building’s site.

A baby can be heard crying in the forested area near Stone Crescent Hotel. Brave workers who tried to locate the crying infant reported that the crying stopped as the neared the source of the sound, but started crying again as they turned away. The spirit of Lady Jana Maria de los Dolores de Leon Smith, after whom Ladysmith was named, is said to reside in the botanical gardens. Visitors will know she is near when they catch a whiff of perfume and feel a waft of cold air.


Another worthy candidate for our list of South Africa’s most haunted places, Matjiesfontein is home to a number of creepy unexplainable happenings. The Lord Milner Hotel hosts some of the most cheerful spectres around, and it is said that they can be heard laughing and playing billiards and cards when no one is watching. Another ghost, possibly a wounded British soldier, stands at the turn off to the Memorial Cemetery. With his arm in a sling and a bloodied bandage around his head. People who see him often think that he is an injured person, but when they stop to help, he mysteriously vanishes.

The Lairds Arms also plays home to mischievous spectre who likes to play with the light switches and many have said that they have seen the ghost standing on the stairs leading up to the billiards room. It is also rumoured that James Logan, the founder of the town liked living there so much that he simply never left and his spirit now resides in the lounges at the back of the hotel.

Victoria Hotel:

A ghostly figure in the haunted hotel

The ghost of a lady in grey haunts the Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel in Pretoria has been the residence of many guests since it was opened in 1880, and some of them seemed to enjoy the hospitality so much that they decided to stay indefinitely. Many guests have reported a lady in grey who gracefully passes guests on the magnificent staircase of the hotel after 10 at night, followed by a brief flicker of a candle in the belfry as she makes her descent.

One of the permanent residents who make this hotel one of the most haunted places in South Africa is Alfie, a puckish little ghost who loves playing with taps. It is reported that Alfie will open a tap out of the blue, but turn them off again when guests decide to take a bath. It is also said that he loves to cause chaos in the kitchen.


The Rudd house in Kimberley is the source of many hair-raising tales. As the Rudd family in Kimberley expanded, so did their house, until the wooden building consisted of 22 chambers, each with its own story. Several orbs of light have been observed on photographs taken by visitors, and it is the belief of Dr P.K Le Sueur that these orbs are ghosts manifesting themselves in our dimension. A few years ago, three journalists sat down at the table of the dining room to write horror stories. Upon completing these stories, the three had a photo taken, but only two of them appeared on the picture.Caretakers living in the flat attached to the house never lasted long, as they would hear plates crashing in the pantry, and children screaming in pain in the nursery.

The Africana library, also in Kimberley, is another contender for our list of the most haunted places in South Africa. It is said that visitors to the library need only ask the ghost of Bertrand Dyer if they can’t find a book, and it would fall out of the shelf. Bertrand established himself as the librarian and did great work at the library. Unfortunately, he also fiddled with the accounts, and when he was discovered he swallowed arsenic. Visitors to the library have seen a man dressed in period clothes walking through the halls, and when shown a picture of Bertrand confirmed that it was him.

With so many sightings and tales spread throughout the country, it becomes obvious that people living in South Africa never want to leave. Not even death can separate them from their beloved country. Stay tuned for more fascinating supernatural stories as we continue to discover the most haunted places in South Africa.

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